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Professional photographic services for companies

Event photography

High quality images are essential to convey the importance of the event that we have organized by investing so much time and effort, and to make its essential aspects, the corporate image, the fun of the attendees, the spectacular of the site and mucho more available to the public.

Corporate photography

It is essential for a company to transmit an image of its brand, its values, its managers and employees, its profiles … There is nothing more effective and instantaneous to communicate that image than with the result of the work done by a good professional photographer.


The first contact with any product is always visual. Therefore, an attractive and professional product photography is the first step to highlight its main benefits and to produce a good impression, so that customers are interested on it and finally decide to acquire it.


Photo retouching is essential on occasions when we want to give a professional touch to some photographs, if we want some products to look perfect, to eliminate some imperfections… For all this works, we count with highly qualified and experienced retouchers.

"Photography is about touching others' souls". Mauricio Vélez, photographer

Those of us who work in the business world know how important the image that we offer to the public, to our clients, to the media is … Everything must be taken care of to the maximum to transmit a serious, efficient, creative and reliable image … An important part of what reaches our clients, both active and potential, are the images related to our company. Through these images the client experiences an immediate interaction with the company; therefore, the emotions and thoughts related to the company at that time will be determined by the interaction regarding the images.

For this reason, snapshots taken by a talented professional photographer will make a big difference, and, as with the other facets of the company that interact with the public, it is vital that they are at the highest level. At The Artisan we are fully committed to our photographic services and we adapt our work to the characteristics of each client to offer a personalized, reliable and efficient job, in accordance with the personality of each company; in addition to the artistic touch that characterizes us and that we try to polish day by day to offer the best possible images along with a great service.